Potentially exciting news for True Detective Season 3!

So it looks like we are getting another True Detective for sure. Having already cast actor Mahershala Ali in the lead role and secured writer Nic Pizzolatto for the third season, things are about to rock n roll.

The first season directed by Cary Fukunaga was a milestone of a show with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey doing their best work. The second season on the other hand which brought in director Justin Lin and a whole new cast with a whole new story didn’t fare as well but being a follow up to the first season, it never had a chance.

Now the main thing to get excited about in the third season, is that HBO has recruited director Jeremy Saulnier who, if you haven’t seen it, directed the badass motherfucker of a movie Green Room. Saulnier showed alot of promise with that film and even took a beloved actor like Patrick Stewart and made him pretty scary.

With all that, True Detective seems like it is in good hands and the rest of the cast has yet to be named but it is set in the Ozarks like the much loved (especially on this website) Netflix original Ozark so it does have alot to live up to.

Let’s all hope for the best from this team.

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