About FAN

Welcome to the Freakin’ Awesome Network? What exactly is this place, you ask? Well, good, you’re in the right place.

The Freakin’ Awesome Network – or F.A.N. – is devoted to all things geek. We cover a wide variety of fandom, from movies and TV to anime and manga to comics and action figures. Pro wrestling? We got that. Video games? That too.

F.A.N. is the brainchild of Madison Carter and Dan Lashley. Together, they spent the past decade helping to run and cultivate the Wrestlecrap message boards, building it into one of the largest and best wrestling fan communities on the web. After a mutual parting of ways with the always-great Wrestlecrap, Madison and Dan decided they wanted something new for the message boards, and here we are!

We believe in the motto “For the fans by the fans” and F.A.N. intends to keep to that pledge; while we keep a core group of writers for weekly updates, we’re always looking for new contributors who have a unique and humorous spin on their favorite (or least favorite) geek treats.

Keep checking back, as we’ll be adding updates every week and testing out new things as we go. The sky’s the limit!

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