Anime Los Angeles 2018 Recap



At long last, a report on how Anime La went.

The lines to get through registration were fairly short like in previous years. Except this time you had security checking people before going in. Metal detectors and such. Not the hardest thing to go through but it made it a hassle if you were in a hurry, since an attendee had to go through security checks every time they would want to go in.

Now for the content of the convention, it has been roughly the same as last year, except this time saw a wider variety of panels. Not just the usual anime discussions, but topics ranging from Japanese pro wrestling to weird idol groups.  This also included more hentai panels, as I noticed more competition for hentai audiences for my show( Thanks fakku  ^_~ ).
And of course when it comes to my own panel (An Uncesnored  Hentai Review), we actually had a good turn out. Surprising considering we were scheduled at 1:00am on Sunday. Like the year before, the Los Angeles crowd was loud and hyper as hell (the best type of crowd).  The audience enjoyed my review of Sex Warrior Pudding, and among them was Anime LA’s featured guest Pierre Bernard( yeah, I was surprised too). So overall, a successful undertaking.



Once again for our food needs, the food trucks were on hand. This year I noticed less trucks than previously. Years before, different trucks would appear on different days. This year it was the same trucks throughout the whole con. That meant lesser variety. But at least there was some type of variety within the already set up trucks(sushi and bacon meals galore).


Then there are my favorite people the cosplayers. There was a wide variety of them. I specifically looked for Doki Doki Literature Club and Blend S ones this year, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Over all a decent convention, and I look forward to next year.



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