The Death of Stalin trailer is historical satire that we didn’t know we needed and wanted

Synopsis: Follows the Soviet dictator’s last days and depicts the chaos of the regime after his death. Obviously.

Those lucky enough to have access to independent Sundance films on the regular get front-row seats to some of the best underrated films, and I have a strong feeling that The Death of Stalin is going to be one of them!

Brought to us by the creators of Veep, the movie looks to be a (likely biased and embellished) look at what went down with some of the world’s most powerful people. The cast includes some of the most esteemed actors of our time: Steve Buscemi, Jason Isaacs, and Jeffrey Tambor. All that’s really missing from this resume is Alan Rickman (may he live long in our hearts and movie collections). The older I get the more I appreciate historical films, but the less-serious part of me wants to laugh. Raise your hand if you’re with me!

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