BETTER WATCH OUT is a big, bloody holiday mess, but we kind of like it!

Let’s be real. If a couple of dudes were trying to break in my house – prank or not, planning to hurt me or not – I’m going to break some f***ing noses. Apparently, the kids in this new Halloween-disguised-as-a-Christmas movie had the same idea.

Better Watch Out has a lot going on. First, the babysitter hired to come over has to be about two or three years older than the kid she’s watching, but still gets hit-on by the creepy dad. And, there’s pot and guns and a lot of the “F-word”. When you think this is taking a turn for “Scream”, the kid decides to defend his home and his hot babysitter…by basically torturing the intruders who actually turn out to be her exes that break into his home and threaten them! WTH?

Aside from the main kid having some serious issues, BWO looks like a bloody, morbid Home Alone was shoved into a meat grinder with The Neighbors, and something about it makes it all the more entertaining.

The new poster is a little deceiving, but still pretty cool; it has that “Christmas glow” and semblance of fear, even though these kids are really what we should be afraid of.

Check out the poster and new trailer and tell us what you think!

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