Oats Studios plays with CGI in its new short, “Volume 1 – Kapture: Fluke”

Not only is Neill Blomkamp and his team at Oats Studios sci-fi short film aficionados, but their CGI game is strong too. Oats Studios just released a new project called Kapture, which features two weapons designers testing out their latest gadget: Fluke. At Kapture Technologies, Gary and Jeff show us how, using the new weapon, soldiers can shoot the enemy combatant and hijack their bodies to do whatever they want, and eventually die when they’re done with them.

This new short uses the same found-footage technique used in Blomkamp’s better-known works (District 9), but it is different from his other short films in that it’s all CG animation, and is also very flippant in its style and tone. It’s all a “game” to them at Kapture Technologies, but does it make us bad people if we find the technology in the story just as brilliant…?

The short feels like it could be a video game prologue too, which essentially explains what the story is about at the beginning of a video game. The story already has so much potential. This makes sense for Oats too, whose YouTube page has info for purchasing Volume 1 DLC through steam if you want to see more. I don’t think Blomkamp fans would protest a live-action version of Kapture: Fluke if he were to put that out there in the endless internet void either.

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