Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo bring WHEELMAN to Netflix.

The first image to the movie Wheelman is here!

Starring badass Frank Grillo, produced by Joe Carnahan, directed by newcomer Jeremy Rush, shot in gritty Boston AND is being made by Netflix (a company known for giving directors a LOT of creative freedom)!!! For action film fans, how can you not be excited about this one??!!

The name Frank Grillo may not be known to  alot of people but you’ve seen him before, he’s made appearances in the shows like The Shield and Prison Break, and most notably he starred in The Grey (perfect movie) The Purge sequels and Captain America Civil War as Crossbones (they killed him off at the beginning, so stupid). It’s not surprising that he’s starting to get more work in these types of movies, the guy basically just looks like he eats steak (medium rare) and drinks scotch for dinner every other day.

I bet he’s a big Lee Marvin fan.

Wheelman is about a getaway driver and sounds a bit like the movie Drive, but with Carnahan producing it you know Grillo is going to make Gosling look like a punk. So come October let’s all find out and hope we get more movies like this from Netflix.

**Image of Wheelman is from Netflix/

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