Legion S1E6 “Chapter 6”

*Spoilers Ahead*

Continuing where we left off last week, Legion takes it’s cast into Clockworks, the psychiatric facility where David started the show but is this David’s decision or is it Yellow Eyes at work once again?

The show doesn’t tip it’s hand one way or another as to that answer but it’s possible that it is another in a long line of moments where Yellow Eyes let David believe he was making his own choice.

Here in this version of Clockworks, David is able to change his life. No longer is he classified as schizophrenic, he’s manic depressive now. David has altered his own memories to create a better version of himself. Here, Syd is the one with the worse condition and David is the one keeping her grounded.

It’s not all perfect for David though, his sister Amy is there as an emotionally abusive aide who confronts him with the fear that no one really wants to be around him. Confronting fears is something everyone is forced to do in this version of Clockworks. Cary and Kerry have to deal with being separated from one another, Ptonomy is constantly forced to relive the memory of his mother’s death when he was young and Melanie must confront the reality that her husband is gone, having chosen the place of his own making as a better home than the one with her.

Now, let me eat some crow for a moment and admit that I was wrong for doubting all of you who called Yellow Eyes being Shadow King. I believed that show was simply giving us a taste of David’s ability in the comics to absorb people’s personalities and gain powers from it but it seems very clear who we’re dealing with after the confrontation at the end of this episode.

Yellow Eyes/Lenny/Shadow King has grown tired of trying to coerce David to his side and decides to take control of his body for himself, trapping David within his own mind. Lenny reveals the he knew David’s father and while it’s never expressly stated who that is it’s clear that Lenny was inspired to join David’s body because of his parentage.

The show’s true villain has been revealed and it isn’t David but it’s someone who knows him better than anyone else. Aubrey Plaza has done tremendous work these last two episodes as Lenny’s true nature has become more evident and this episode is a complete showcase of her ability to entrance and horrify at the same time.

While the Shadow King is busy locking David away however another force is at work attempting to rouse the others trapped in David’s mind. While the being wears the diving suit we see Oliver in it’s unclear if it’s actually him currently, or was him at some point. As we see at the very end, Cary has entered the suit now and who knows what he’s up to.

We’re heading toward the end game of this first season and it seems like David is going to need the help of everyone he can get if he’s going to escape this increasingly dire situation.

Bits ‘n Pieces

  • That dance number is a thing of beauty. It’s the closest anything on television has gotten to Twin Peaks-style creepiness mixed with weirdness since that show left the air.
  • I didn’t mention The Eye up above but he stalks Kerry throughout the episode like a horror villain and shows off a really creepy side.
  • I enjoyed the recreation of the beginning of the show with Ptonomy in Lenny’s position.

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