Winter Anime Season 2016-2017




Well humans, along with a frigid winter, new anime also is coming this new year. So time to make some predictions on what could be interesting, unique, or stand out. Let’s take a look on what’s on the menu.





Akiba’s Trip The Animation
Based on the video game of the same name, this revolves around stopping vampire-like creatures who feed on humans’ social energy and will to live. They can only be stopped by being to sunlight (which is done by stripping them naked).
Looks like a fun title that might make smart use of fan service, and to its advantage (rather than distracting).





Hand Shakers
Magic wielders known as hand shakers join hands in order to summon weapons , and fight others of similar powers. Until eventually one pair is left, and they will proceed to fight “god.”
Not only an interesting premise, but the artwork is visually stunning and compliments the fight scenes sampled so far. A series sure to stick out.





Masamune-kun No Revenge
As child, Masamune was bullied by a girl named Aki. Entering high school, he devises a plan of vengeance by improving himself and becoming a handsome young man. In a ploy to win Aki’s heart and then breaking it.
Revenge is always fun,so let’s how this plan unfolds.





Youjo Senki
Just like Shuumatsu No Izetta the season before, Youjo Senki is set in some alternate version of World War 1 / 2. An elite Japanese salaryman is reborn into this world as a blond German girl, and leads squadron using magic and rifles. That sentence alone should be enough to see it.





Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon

Having been saved by the human Kobayashi, half dragon and half maid named Tooru decides to live in her apartment and help her out in daily errands/chores. With wacky results(because that’s why we’re hear). Since some of us liked Monster Musume, let’s see how this one does it.




Bang Dream!
Kasumi Toyama searches for the “Star Beat” that she heard while looking at the night sky. So she gets a star shaped guitar, and joins four other girls in a musical journey.  A unique take on a girl starting, so let’s hope it gives an interesting show.





Ai Mai Mii: Surgical Friends

Ai Mai Mi is back for a third season!….nuff said.



So those are the picks. Let’s see how it pans out, and happy viewings.

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