EvilutionE5150 Album Review: ENVENOMED – “Evil Unseen”


Envenomed are a Melbourne based melodic thrash metal band formed in 2005. After many years of building up a small but rabid fan base through continual local gigs and putting out an E.P. In 2009 the band have now finally released their first full length debut album titled “Evil Unseen”

Blending together the classic thrash metal sound with the melody and vocal styling of NWOBHM bands the likes of Iron Maiden and Diamond head coming across very similar to Iced Earth. The music is hard and fast but never losses than underlying melody very easy to compare them to the likes of Iced Earth, Symphony X or Nevermore.

Musically the band is super tight and all seem to work well together. The drumming is thundering and the twin guitars work fantastically together working that blend of melodic and harmonised sound combined with the fast pace and raw thrash metal sound. The vocals of Anthony Mavrikis are incredibly powerful. He can put a lot of intensity and anger into his tone without resorting to guttural or distorted vocals and he does have a very impressive range

The album doesn’t seem to have any low points, it just keeps the pace up and steam rolls right on through. It kicks of with a instrumental intro track titled “Evil Unseen” before slamming into the first song “Will Of Man”. Other stand out tracks include the thundering “Burn The Sun”, the plodding “Disobey The Beast” and the super thrashy “Global Deception”.

This album is very impressive and for a debut album it really shows a lot of promise. The band are incredibly established sounded and don’t seem to have any real first album issues to be found. Its tight, heavy, fast and melodic and shows that the band are ready to step up and make a much larger impact on not just the local scene but nationally as well

This album is a must for all thrash metal fans and classic metal fans

“Evil Unseen” is available now