TwitterView: Hip-hop sensation and toy enthusiast HugoMonster

Normally I’d do a longer bio for my “subjects”. HugoMonster though has a really great website and he does a fantastic showcasing himself there. I will give you the critical points: He raps, he reviews toys on FAN (look to your right) and he  “comes stomping down your street and into your living room, shattering windows and egos.” That may not sound pleasant, but based on his toy reviews and the admittedly sparse sampling of his music, I might actually welcome having my ego shattered. Anyways, check out this TwitterView then head on over to to learn even more.

You won't be sorry


1. Biggest influence to your career?

A. Tupac, cannabis, and my parents


2. Favorite TV show as a kid?



3. Biggest influence in your personal life?

A. I think my parents


4. Favorite pro wrestler at the age of…5, 12, and 20.

A. 5= Hogan. 12=hart, hbk, 20=the rock .. At the moment it’s Ziggler, punk , Bryan I know TMI


5. (based on the movie) If you had to be “dumb” pick someone to be your “dumber”

A. the blond one


6. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

A. So many. The one I remember digging the most was the wake up show when tribe was performing in 05


7. What’s the worst thing you’ll admit to doing to a significant other?

A. don’t know


8. What are you waiting for?

A. for another crowd for me to rock!!

This image is all over his twitter. Find out why....DO IT!