The World God Only Knows

by Glitch

It’s Glitch here and it’s that time to dive into the mad world known as Japanese pop culture. First on the list is the anime title The World God Only Knows (Season One). Even though it sounds like a documentary about Sarah Palin’s thoughts, this is actually quite a lighthearted affair.

Keima is a video game obsessed high school student who is the master of dating sims (dating simulation games that are quite the rage in Japan). By accident he chooses to help Elsie(a broom riding, demoness collector of loose souls) to help capture loose souls have hidden themselves inside the bodies of young high school girls (insert dirty joke here). The only way to purge these loose souls like some rancid burritos is to make the girls fall in love with him. In the realm of dating sims he considers himself “The god of conquest” but now he has to start all over when it comes to real girls (if only girls in the flesh were as easy to talk to as their digital counter parts).

Getting to know each of the girls’ personalities and how to romantically conquer each one makes the premise of each episode (Although sometimes this premise, much like my psychotic breakdowns, can take up to two or three episodes).

The personalities of course range from a wide variety. From a shy book worm girl who can barely speak up to say anything, to a bitchy, snooty girl who sees everyone as beneath her. The relationship between Elsie and Keima adds the comedic element to The World God Only Knows. His stern approach toward a mission contrast to the goofball and dimwitted nature of Elsie. Magnified even more by her lack of comprehension of how things work on earth. Many hilarious moments where she cooks less than appetizing food involving strange crawling creatures (still better than Taco Bell).

And of course we get little gags thrown around everywhere. Like the knock off Sony’s PSP name of Keima’s portable gaming system, named PFP (which reminds, I got four of them on sale for 20 bucks). And one of my favorites when Elsie uses her powers to transform the gym shorts of high school girls to the much skimpier ones found in dating sims, in a vain attempt to help Keima transition his skills to the real world. If you don’t like skimpy gym shorts, well then…I guess you’re less perverted than me. Bravo to you sir.

This is an entertaining series for those seeking comedy with a little romance dashed in (along with an impromptu history lesson about dating sims). Season one is easily available for free viewing over at (Although I know some of you will go into that dark alley on the internet to get the show as a fansub). Either way, definitely the watch The World God Only Knows. Or else you have no soul!!…oh yeah, season two is barely underway. So I guess you might want to check that out too or something.

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  1. I read the manga every now and then, and I absolutely love it. It’s definitely a nice change of pace from the usual manga out there, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable read.

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