Zombie Mom Drew Barrymore returns to Netflix. | Santa Clarita Diet is back for season two!

The Hammond family is back (well, they will be on March 23rd)! The cannibalistic Netflix Original series starring Drew Barrymore, Tim Olyphant and Liv Hewson will be returning for a second season and judging from the trailer we’re in store for even more zombie-comedy hijinks. When we left off from season one, the Hammonds were in a bad way with Joel being committed to a mental institution and the family unable to fully implement Dr Wolf (played by Portia de Rossi – who also starred in Better Off Ted – created by Victor Fresco – who also created this show).

Santa Clarita Diet is yet another standout Netflix Original series (along with shows like Black Mirror, Dark, The End of the Fucking World, and Altered Carbon) that challenges the conventions of the tv format and sit-com genre. Anyone who was a fan of Better Off Ted should definitely check out season one of SCD on Netflix as its unique gallows humor is on full display there as well. SCD was impressive in how it didn’t just lean on the gimmick of the show and really pushed the characters to grow and change in an organic way (especially in light of the circumstances they found themselves in). Of course Barrymore and Olyphant knocked it out of the park, but newcomer Liv Hewson as their daughter Abbie really stole the show with a sense of headstrong determination to help save her family. Plus Hewson was super charming throughout the whole season.

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