Trailer: Bo Burnham takes us back to Eighth Grade

Written and directed by the outlandish stand up comic Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade takes on the coming-of-age genre. From the trailer it looks like Burnham is able to bring a sense of authenticity and insight into what it is like to be a kid coming up in the age of social media. A lot of times you can watch a movie or show about teens and clearly see its written from the perspective of a sixty-year old’s approximation of what a teenager sounds like, but the dialogue and tone of the trailer comes across much more empathetic to the modern middle-schooler’s dilemma.

After a string of successful and immensely boundary/genre-pushing stand up specials, Burnham is trying his hand as a writer/director so it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to film.

Synopsis: “A teenager tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth-grade year before leaving to start high school.”

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