Michael Bay tapped to direct Robopocalypse and fanboys are v e r y happy about it.

Another week, more Michael Bay news. Not sure about you guys but to me and I’m not speaking for the writers on this website but it awesome to hear about the next Michael Bay project. Most big budget tent pole directors take their movies very seriously and actually believe they are making art. A lot of them don’t feel like they are having the fun they should be having with these kind of movies. Michael Bay seems like he is having  fun, he knows his movies aren’t critical darlings, he just wants to  make movies to entertain, that’s it, baby.

Which brings us to this bit of news that just came out. Michael Bay has just taken over directorial duties for the long awaited (at least by sci-fi fans) Robopocalypse movie according to Deadline. At one point Steven Spielberg was set to direct but was unable to get the budget he was wanting for the pic so it looks like Bay will be working with the smaller budget. Hey, the first Transformers was done on $150 million dollar budget and he did great with that.

So take this with a grain of salt if you’re a big fan of the source material, right now Bay is working on another film before he jumps into this one, so who knows what may happen.

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