For all you Black Dynamite fans – The Outlaw Johnny Black is coming for ya!

For anyone who watched, loved and wished for more of Michael Jai White’s Black Dynamite (which was a metric fuck-ton of sheer fun), the man who brought that new-classic to life is coming back, but this time he’s taking on the Old West!

The Outlaw Johnny Black is Michael Jai White’s latest project in the same vein as Black Dynamite’s throwback 70s vibe. Where Dynamite was an homage to the Blaxploitation films that White grew up with, The Outlaw Johnny Black looks like more of an homage to revenge westerns.

It will be produced by White’s own production studio – JaiGantic Productions – which has taken the funding of the film to the people via an IndieGoGo campaign instead of getting more traditional funding from a studio. In an interview with Paste Magazine, White said that despite receiving offers from studios for this project he wanted to retain the creative freedom to make the film he knew fans would love. That’s encouraging in today’s increasingly go-big/go-home/risk averse environment of most studios today. Having more small studios getting fan support like this means more independent, creative voices will get a chance to make movies that aren’t only backed by multinational corporations.

Even more interesting is that the teaser they shot for the fundraising campaign was shot entirely in one day. ONE DAY! At first glance it looked like a trailer for a film that’s already 100% complete and I was ready to shell out pre-order money for the tickets/bluray/digital vod/whatever! That’s pretty damn impressive and if it’s any indicator of the level of quality that can produce on a small budget, The Outlaw Johnny Black is going to be a helluva ride once it’s all done.

Michael Jai White was also recently in the Scott Adkins action film The Accident Man.

Check out the teaser above and the poster below and if you like what you see and want to support the film’s production – check out the indie gogo page here: I just became a REBEL RUSTLER BOUNTY backer for this one because the Outlaw Johnny Black needs all the help he can get to save the townsfolk and I love coffee!

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