Will Smith vs Will Smith? What we know about Ang Lee’s Gemini Man so far.

Will Smith is still out there being Will Smith and living life to the fullest. People will debate the quality of his film roles, but it is a pretty safe statement to make that he’s still making some interesting and daring movie choices as he eases into his 50’s. In the last few years he’s worked on the critically controversial (but financially very successful) Suicide Squad as Deadshot (even if you had issues with Squad’s editing choices, Smith’s portrayal of Floyd was extremely well done – and lay off that movie, it was a fun one) and followed it up by starring in the mega-controversial Bright (controversial because it was Netflix’s biggest feature film and the critics/audience split was vast).

For a elder statesman of the Hollywood scene, Smith often picks roles that aren’t 100% safe or cloyingly grasping at critical/Oscar approval. Aside from sequels to the aforementioned films, he’s also starring in the new Ang Lee film – Gemini Man.

Synopsis: “An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself.”

Ang Lee cast Smith and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who absolutely crushed it in Fargo and 10 Cloverfield Lane) and Clive Owen to star in this one, but little else is known at this time about the juicier details regarding Gemini Man other than it was originally pitched as a Tony Scott film back in the late 90’s. It was one of those films that languished in developmental (reportedly due to the technology just not being there to really pull it off at the time).

There’s a lot to digest with this one. Ang Lee coming back to action. Will Smith pulling a Double Impact (of sorts). The fact that it was originally supposed to be a Tony Scott film leaves us VERY optimistic for this one as Tony was clearly the cooler, more action-oriented of the Scotts.

Gemini Man is scheduled for release in October.