Trailer: Will Ethan Hunt finally snap in Mission Impossible- FallOut ?

Ethan Hunt is always getting called out by his own government. Since the first movie, they’ve been constantly disavowing/trying to murder him in nearly every movie and he always ends up clearing his own name. Has all that caught up to him, finally causing him to snap? That’s what Henry Cavil wants to know in Fall Out. Personally, yeah – Hunt is 100% justified in wanted to finally go rogue. The guy has been nothing but loyal since day one and they keep throwing him under the bus.

Maybe he should give the dark side a chance. Like Castor Troy said in Face/Off, “Try terrorism-for-hire, we can blow shit up. It’s more fun!” They’re bringing back Rogue Nation’s Christopher McQuarrie for this one, so odds are it’ll feel a lot like the previous movie, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’d be cool to see them eventually tap a new director going forward to help keep things fresh.

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