The Happy Madison Productions is back with a less anticipated, but still entertaining Netflix movie: The Week Of

Synopsis: Starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, this comedy centers on the week leading up to the wedding of their characters’ kids.

Netflix must have some kind of infatuation with Adam Sandler because you can find nearly all of the Sandlerest of Sandler films on there, and The Week Of will soon be among the bunch. The trailer is a little too “extended” for a first trailer, being just a hair predictable too, but there’s always some familiar faces we can look forward to seeing in his movies, including Steve Buscemi and Rachel Dratch, who make it worth watching even if the humor doesn’t ring with every kind of viewer.

Week-of wedding comedies have been done many-a-time; however, the Netflix original will feature other traditional Sandlerisms, such as emphasis on stereotypes, clashing of polar-opposite families (you can always count on family drama to be funny) and very, very goofy/unrealistic humor.

Toss your cares to the side, along with that garter or bouquet (lame pun intended), and pick this one just for the laughs.

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