The Freakin Anime Awards 2018


Returning for a second year, The Freakin Anime Awards!
The top five anime of 2017. In non-ranking order, we got the top five chosen by the staff of Freakin Awesome Network, and the top five anime chosen by the audience of our site. And of course the award for anime of the year!


Staff Picks:


Youjo Senki
A Japanese salary man dies and is transported to an alternate World War 1 with units of military mages.


A kind old man and a cold hearted teenager find themselves augmented with alien technology(as well as a battle with themselves).



Kemono Friends
Adventures in Japari Park as the human Kaban interacts with many animal humanoids known as “friends”.



Romance between an aspiring writer and a track team member steal our hearts this year.



Eccentric Family
The tanuki and tengu return for a second season and for an award on our list.


Audience picks



Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Tohru the dragon takes on a human form in order to become a maid for Miss Kobayashi, and brings all her crazy friends who to try to adjust to the human world.


Kemono Friends
Once again the Friends win an award on our list. Japari Park runs rampant.



Blend S
The café Stile is home to waitresses that pose as specific traits, such as sadistic and little sister types( as well as bring us lots of laughs in the process).



Scum’s wish
The complexity of relationships, and a couple who cannot be with who they truly want.



Land of the Lustrous
Living gems fight off evil being trying to collect them, and aswell as fighting successfully to get the attention of our audience.


Anime of the year


Kemono Friends
The Friends take home the gold as anime of the year. Congratulations!



Thank you to our staff and our audience for voting! See you guys at next year’s awards.