Jared Leto goes full Ghost Dog in the trailer for The Outsider – a Netflix Original

Synopsis: “An American soldier imprisoned in postwar Japan enters the dark world of the yakuza, adopting their way of life in repayment for his freedom.”

Okay, full disclosure – we’ve got a soft spot for Yakuza stuff. Movies haven’t really touched on it in a while, but stuff like Rising Sun, Showdown in Little Tokyo and all those old Takeshi Kitano movies – always fun to watch. With The Outsider – another Netflix Original (damn, this company knows how to put out some good stuff) – Jared Leto is a gaijin (non-Japanese) going deep into Yakuza territory. It’s an interesting hook because the Japanese are a notoriously closed-off culture, very rarely letting outsiders into their inner circles.

Leto’s character probably won’t rise to the rank of oyabun (boss) but you can see how he’ll develop this love/hate relationship with his clan. In a lot of ways it is reminiscent of the Jim Jarmusch classic Ghost Dog in how Leto’s character is basically a ronin (a warrior with no home) who gets brought into the Yakuza lifestyle. The film has a lot of potential and the trailer looks down n’ dirty, hopefully they’re able to avoid any “white savior” tropes still prevalent in the industry. Judging from the trailer, that won’t be a problem so have your Netflix queued up on March 9th for this one.

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