FX’s Atlanta is back for Robbin’ Season

The scene for television on broadcast and cable networks is pretty underwhelming as of late. With HBO and Netflix really dominating the landscape in terms of quality and quantity of new and interesting shows, it’s rare to see something cool slip through the bland cracks of modern day television. Luckily FX’s Atlanta is coming back for a Season 2 to help out with that. The trailer is out to give fans a taste of what they’re in for. Earn is still living in a storage unit and Paperboy is still trying to get that paper – to cap it all off its robbin’ season – which probably means a time when robberies are at an all time high? People gotta eat.

Anyway, shows like Atlanta are one of the few shows that will help stem the tide of cord cutters, unless you just buy the season on iTunes or Amazon. Also, fuck yeah Zazie Beets!!!

New trailer is up – checks it out and follow us on the twitter @Official_FAN