Found on Netflix, Lost In Space – the Netflix Original Series debuts April 13th

Synopsis: “The Robinson family, part of a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space, is unexpectedly pulled off course forcing them to crash land on a lost planet.”

So this is based off a really, really old show. They remake was spectacular because it was during that rare time when Matt LeBlanc would get higher billing over Gary Oldman – but hey, it was 1998. It was a crazy time. Anyway, the teaser looks clean and there’s a lot of gravitas to a family of astronauts walking towards a space ship in slow-mo. Netflix has picked up where a lot of networks left off in terms of putting serious money into horror/sci-fi genre shows. Stranger Things, Sense8, OA, Altered Carbon and now Lost in Space. Sci-fi is an especially risky venture for networks because they’re usually more expensive due to the FX budget blowing up their spreadsheets. Just look at Altered Carbon – that show looks damn good with a LOT of great sets, effects and props that likely cost a pretty penny.

Normally seeing a reboot/remake TV show like this would instill a sense of dread in most TV viewers but with Netflix’s track record and the look of this teaser, it’ll be at least worth checking out the first ep to see if they do something cool with it. Netflix has brought in some veteran TV directors to work on this show whose combined credits include episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Fear the Walking Dead, Jessica Jones, Hap and Leonard, Bates Motel…so, yeah – hard to say where this one will ultimately land but it will definitely be in that “hour long, drama/fantasy” sector that has the potential to pull a wide audience.

Anyway – the teaser is up so check it out and hit us up with your thoughts on Twitter @Official_FAN