Deadpool 2 Teaser – LOOK it’s Cable. Yeah, a little TOO Cable.

We finally get our first official look at the man who fought the future wars and lived to tell about it…in the past. Or whatever. Anyway – Cable gets a nice little promo featuring the usual Deadpool shenanigans. Gotta say, it still looks pretty good. Aside from the fanboys losing their minds over finally seeing some comic book character on the big screen, this teaser also has a bit more of the REAL stars of this movie – Brianna Hildebrand (from the criminally slept on Tragedy Girls – out now on blu ray and vod) as Negasonic Teenage War Head and Zazie Beets (FX’s Atlanta) as Domino!

While there’ll probably be a lot of easter eggs in this teaser for anal retentive superhero fans to paw over, what’s really cool about this teaser and Deapool 2 as a whole is just how unconventional it is. In a time when superhero films basically make their money by being bland, repetitive and mind-numbingly safe it is refreshing to see a movie actually take some chances and show some hutzpah.

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