Trailer: Slender Man – Sony brings the urban legend to the big screen.

The weird story of Slender Man has been going on for years. He is a creepy looking long armed and long legged faceless monster who gets kids to do crazy-af things to themselves like stab themselves in the face with a scalpel. Very horrific. Even in real life two kids lured another kid into the woods, stabbed her 19 times and then told the authorities that they did it for Slender Man…creepy.

The trailer to the movie has hit the streets today and the creepiness factor is turned up in this one. Normally these kind of movies are regular throwaway movies made for a quick buck but this one is directed by Sylvain White who also directed the underappreciated ensemble movie, The Losers, so we’ll see if he can bring something different for this one.

Slender Man hits theaters May 18.

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