Netflix leaks orc auditions for the sequel to its 2017 hit film BRIGHT

Despite a huge gap in enjoyment between critics and the Netflix audience, the Ayer-directed fantasy/crime mash-up seems to have done very well for the streaming service garnering an estimated 11 million views over the Christmas weekend alone (that’s only counting what Nielsen is estimating for US audiences who watched it on TV, since Netflix is a world-wide service with many people watching on mobile devices the numbers are probably MUCH higher than that). 11MM is a big number, not Stranger Things Season 2 big, but not far behind either.

While some critics seemed primed to hate it from the get-go, Bright was actually a rock-solid, enjoyable flick – catch our review here for more on that. Controversy aside, this morning Netflix officially confirmed that Bright is getting a sequel according to the Hollywood Reporter. They also announced that Ayer will be back to direct and will pick up the writing duties as well. This is terrific news for anyone who enjoyed flicks like End of Watch and Fury (and the unduly maligned Suicide Squad) as the combination of Netflix’s freedom for creators and Ayer being able to both write and direct is a recipe for all kinds of awesomeness.

Check out the official announcement above where Netflix takes a tounge-in-cheek look at some of the complaints and comments that the internet critics have graced our timelines with. It’s very cool to see a company like Netflix being able to not only take a joke but also poke a bit of fun at themselves as well. While Smith is supposedly signed on for the sequel, it’d be VERY cool to see more of the Inferni/Shield of Light dynamic through Ayer’s lens….or maybe I’m just biased because Noomi Rapace is fucking bad ass and more of her would be great.

Also – the speculative titles for the sequel were all hilarious. Personally, I’d go with Bad Boys in Mordor…

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