Is this Altered Carbon Netflix show going to bring some action back to cyberpunk?

Whether it’s original movies/shows or foreign imports, Netflix puts out a LOT of great stuff. Along with the popular/controversial stuff like Stranger Things and Bright (which was actually pretty good), Netflix has been putting out some low-key, high quality stuff. We’ve been really into the under-the-radar stuff like The Babysitter, the German import DARK, and the period drama/thriller Alias Grace. Based on everything we’ve been seeing about Altered Carbon, it looks like it could be Netflix’s answer to the movie-going audience’s issues with Blade Runner 2049. Where BR2049 leaned more towards subdued tonal landscapes, Altered Carbon looks like its more about ass-kicking action, cool-af characters and future tech that actually, y’know, does interesting stuff other than come at you like someone who JUST took Philosophy 101 their freshman year.  .

Check out this featurette that shows a bit more of the action and examines Detective Ortega’s place in the upcoming Netflix series (Feb 2nd – in case you’re interested).

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