Winter Anime Season 2017-2018



Winter deepens as December ends and the new year begins. A long comes a slew of new anime.  Time to see  what this winter has for us in 2018.
As my usual procedures, I’m gonna make predictions based on what looks unique and interesting. So let’s see what might good this anime season.



Violet Evergarden

A young girl by the name of Violet Evergarden leaves behind her past about the battlefield. She becomes fascinated with Auto Memories Dolls. Who converts people’s thoughts into words.
This series looks like it’s gonna be a complex web of emotions and themes. In addition, the designs and animation look very well done. This anime is really something to anticipate.




Koi Wa Ameagari No You Ni
A high school student by the name of Akira has to give up track and field due to an injury. As she works part time at a family restaurant, she finds herself falling in love with the 45 year old manager. There’s a big journey of mix of emotions as she tries to figure why is attracted to him.
It’s gonna be interesting to see how this premise transpires as it moves on.  An exploration of big age gaps in romance.




A young girl by the name of Juri has her relatives taken hostage. Armed with a knife, she uses the aide of her grandfather freezing time with a magic stone, in order to rescue them. Stranger things occur as she proceeds.
This looks like it’s gonna be a wild ride. A long with the premise, we are teased with images of a lot of weirdness going on.



Ito Junji: Collection
This show is an anthology of different stories based on the works of acclaimed horror writer/author Junji Ito. This man is known for bizarre, surreal imagery that will wreck your mind, so attempting this adaptation within the censor limitations of tv is bold. But the previews already look like they might find their way, and keep the frightening integrity of Ito’s work.




Hakumei To Mikochi
Standing at only 3.5 inches, Hakumei and Mikochi belong to a tiny group of beings living their lives in a magical forest while making use of objects to correspond to their height.
This has me intrigued by the way these tiny people adjust their surroundings to everyday life. Such as riding insects as transportation and peanuts as a large source of food. A long with their chibi designs in this fantasy setting, this anime looks like it’s offering us something a little different this season.





Killing Bites
Powerful business place bets on bouts between animal-human hybrids. A long with this, one of them(a female badger/human mix) winds up assigned to protect a college student (who’s friends she killed).
What looks like a very violent and bloody version of Kemono friends, this appears to add a little something different to the action genre this season. There’s several ways this could go, let’s hope it’s entertaining at the most.


As usual, I give a show two or three episode try before deciding if it is worth continuing to watch. So there you go. Good luck and happy viewings.


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