Trailer: Have a Nice Day – 100%, officially on board for some Rated R animated bizarro crime noir fun!

Synopsis: “A city in southern China and a bag containing stolen money draws several people from diverse backgrounds into a bloody conflict.”

So, first of all – FUCK-TO-THE-YES, this looks like a big slice of deep fried heaven.

Coming straight outta China, this animated, gritty, crime noir looks like something that the clerk at your local DVD rental spot would slide your way (provided you’d already proven your indie film street cred). The animation style is a bit jarring for American audiences, but anyone who has watched the hilarious Frisky Dingo or early seasons of FX’s Archer knows that even a less-than-fluid animation style can still be damn enthralling.

So yeah – 100% on board for this one. Makes us long for the day of Killface trying to blow us all up with the Annihilatrix (don’t worry, you’re not supposed to get that reference, but for those who do: WE CAN NEVER GO BACK TO ARIZONA!).

Anyway, the trailer for Have a Nice Day is out. Help yourself have a nice day by checking it out and letting us know what you thought on Twitter @Official_FAN