Trailer: Bright – get to know a little more about Noomi Rapace’s wand-wielding magical bad ass!

This is one we’ve been keeping a close eye on as Ayer working with Netflix is definitely a big deal. Aside from it being one of Netflix’s most expensive original films, it was based on a script written specifically for Ayer to direct. Between that and the blazingly original hook of magic, orcs, etc existing in the gritty, grounded world of modern day Hell-A, Bright seems like it’ll be a blast to watch.

Previous trailers have focused more on Smith and Edgerton’s character but this newest trailer highlights a bit more of Noomi Rapace’s unnamed character and from what we’re seeing – she’s a legit, wand-wielding, magic using bad ass! BTW – if you haven’t checked out Rapace’s other Netflix flick What Happened To Monday you can read our review here and def hit it up on Netflix.

Check out the trailer for BRIGHT and get ready for Dec 22nd when it hits Netflix.  You can follow us for all your Bright/Netflix/generally cool movie reviews @Official_FAN