Trailer: Rain Wilson & Patricia Arquette are awkward parents in Permanent.

Synopsis: “It’s the early 80’s in small town Virginia and “Perms” are all the rage. 13-year Aurelie dreams about getting one to finally fit in at her new school but when her clueless parents bring her to a hairdressing academy to save a few bucks, things go incredibly wrong. This is the story about adolescence, socially awkward family members and bad hair.”

For fans of 80’s-infused coming-of-age dramedies, this looks like the movie for you. Last year’s Edge of Seventeen proved to be a super fun romp back into adolescent and this one looks like it’ll have similar flavors. Directed by Colette Burson (creator of HBO’s Hung – the role Tom Jane turned down TWD for) and starring Rain Wilson and Patricia Arquette – get ready to embrace the awkward with this one!

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