TBS put the first ep of SEARCH PARTY (one of the best shows on TV) up for free.

TBS has become a very important part of keeping the half-hour comedy alive and not completely bland. While most other networks are cramming as many dad-jokes and dated concepts into their prime time block as possible, TBS has been bringing some of the most off-beat, creative comedy to basic cable (eclipsing the major networks, imo). Whether it be weird anthology shows or the next animated series from the creator of Regular Show they are absolutely bringing it!

One of the strongest examples of TBS’s new style is the mystery/comedy/drama/existential crisis known as Search Party which debuted last year. It stars Alia Shawkat (known best as Maybe on Arrested Development and who recently blew the roof off the place in Paint It Black) as Dory – a young woman obsessed with a missing friend she knew back in college. TBS recently put the entire first season on their streaming…service…thing for free and threw up the pilot on YouTube to further entice you. Check out the first ep of one of TV’s best new shows for free and then get caught up because S2 is right around the corner.

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