Review: Get inspired with Rocky 3 for #FBF


The Rocky saga has been around for a very long time. Since 1976 to be exact. A lot of people that workout or train for a sporting event have at least thought about Rocky once. The story and character is an inspiration to go out and not just be some bum. Who can’t relate to that?

The saga has spawned many sequels and there’s even another Rocky movie coming out next year! Now out of all the sequels, Rocky 3 has got to be the most entertaining. It moves past the type of movie the first two were. The first two were more character oriented and had that feel of the 70’s movie that they were. 3 on the other hand was the transition to a quicker, louder and more mainstream type of movie. Rocky changed with the times and through the later sequels also went back to what made us love the character so much but without losing its touch. Well, maybe 5 wasn’t very good but that’s only because they put bad rap music in the sound track.

After winning the belt from Apollo Creed in part 2, Rocky has to deal with the success and fame that comes with being the champ. In a montage at the beginning of the movie while Eye of the Tiger plays, you see Rocky doing commercials, appearing in magazines for cars and he even has his own candy bar! It’s definitely a different Rocky from before but that’s the point of the movie. Rocky has become civilized and he doesn’t have the edge like he used to.

While all this is going on and Rocky defending his title, there’s a new fighter named Clubber Lang (Mr. T) going through the ranks that wants the title from the “puppet.” Clubber is a stronger and more fierce fighter than Rocky and Mickey (Rocky’s trainer) knows it. So he has Rocky fight the easy fights to hold on to the belt longer and so Rocky doesn’t get hurt fighting Clubber. Of course Rocky gets wind of it at the exact same time he’s receiving a statue from the city of Philadelphia and accepts the fight especially after Clubber tells Adrian that she should bring her pretty little self to his apartment and show her what a real man feels like. Settle down, Clubber.

Rocky trains for the fight but he trains like a jackass, he rents out a gym with Frank Stallone (yes, Sly’s brother) singing live as people are watching Rocky train and buying Rocky memorabilia. Rocky wants this to be his last fight and he wants to go out in style much to the dismay of Mickey. As Rocky gets ready to fight, Mickey suffers a heart attack while getting into a pre fight scuffle with Clubber and Rocky has to go to the ring without him. Rocky is unsure of himself and loses badly in a 2nd round KO. As Rocky goes back to try and talk to Mickey, he passes away

Rocky’s self esteem and self confidence is gone at this point but he accepts a rematch with Clubber Lang but this time Rocko is trained by former opponent and now best friend, Apollo Creed. Apollo takes Rocky back to his roots to train. To get back that edge and not live so lavishly like they are both used to. Apollo makes Rocky quicker on his feet and not a bruiser and brawler that Rocky usually is. After a few days of not even trying Adrian yells at Rocky and Rocky finds his balls and then starts the training montage.

Rocky then gets back in the ring with the eye of the tiger (not literally) against Clubber and whoops his ass. It’s a predictable movie, yes, if you’ve seen the other ones but this one is a bit special because of the transition to a faster and leaner story. So this weekend, after all the food you’ve eaten from Thanksgiving and you wanna get back in the gym, slide this movie into your list and get inspired.

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