Trailer: Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built looks like a claustrophobic, horrifying, wonderful nightmare

Synopsis: Eccentric firearm heiress believes she is haunted by the souls of people killed by the Winchester repeating rifle.

We see dead people in this new trailer for The House that Ghosts Built, a supernatural horror film. Before you are led astray by the IMDb synopsis, thinking this movie is just another The Haunting or old woman’s Sixth Sense, enjoy the trailer and notice how visually freaky the idea of being trapped in a giant house with 500 rooms filled with ghosts is. Not to mention that this story is – to an extent – true. The trailer already promises countless scary images of ghosts, demons, etcetera, and I’m sure claustrophobic scenes that are scary in themselves.

The lovely and talented Helen Mirren stars as legendary Sarah Winchester whom originally built and added on to her house for 38 years in order to keep the spirits and ghosts at bay. Alongside her stars Jason Clarke as Eric Price, but we have yet to really know his part in the movie.

The movie would have been perfect for the Halloween holiday season, but we won’t get to see it until February 2018. Perhaps an early Valentines date?

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