Trailer: Why The New Mutants are the future of superhero movies.

Synopsis: “Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.”

First off – initial reaction? 100% on board for this one. Fox has been making some damn good non-traditional superhero movies. Most superhero flicks follow the same stale patter – origin stories + vague threats of some larger danger. It’s been nearly a decade since Iron Man 1 and they haven’t changed the playbook yet (largely because it’s been super profitable). Fox has been taking some chances. The R-rated comedy/action Deadpool. The HARD-R rated mutant-noir Logan. And with The New Mutants, Fox is trying out the horror genre with their mutants – which makes sense because when you really think about it for a bunch of young kids mutant powers are scary-af.

Going forward if the superhero milieu wants to stay new/interesting this is the route they’re going to have to take. They’ve got to evolve and adapt because the straight-up superhero “genre” is repetitive and boring (they’re trying with GotG but you can tell its still the same formula just overlayed on a quasi-sci-fi backdrop). Using these interesting characters to tell different types of genre stories (love to see an A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night┬ástyle Jubilee movie or HOPEFULLY a Gambit movie that’s mostly a crime/heist story) are the future of superhero movies – so get on board!

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