Trailer: My Friend Dahmer gets a brooding first trailer.

The trailer for My Friend Dahmer is an interesting but very disturbing in-depth look at Jeffrey Dahmer before he was a notorious serial killer. Based on Derf Backderf’s graphic novel, this film follows Dahmer around in high school and it gives us a little bit of understanding as to what kind of a person he was and what may have been contributing factors to his personality.

What’s fascinating is that this will be Ross Lynch’s debut as a “serious” actor; he’s stepping very far away from the Disney umbrella to take on the Dahmer persona, and by the looks of it, this role will earn him a lot of credibility and opportunity.

Though the movie is labeled as a biography crime drama, it can easily pass as a thriller what with the samples we’ve been treated with so far: brooding soundtrack, mustiness of the 70’s color scheme and cinematography, and the secretive undertones of the movie’s premise. All of it is very promising.

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my friend dahmer poster