Trailer: Justice League is all about HEROES

Look – if this trailer doesn’t get you hyped-af then you’re basically dead because DAYUM. This new Justice League trailer actually makes this dorky song seem cool and watching heroes actually get along with each other instead of bickering like spoiled brats who don’t want to play together on the playground is really freshing. It’s nice to see a superhero team-up virtually devoid of melodramatic internal infighting and rallying together in a way that doesn’t feel forced. WB/DC has been on a roll (though, not critically) with Suicide Squad (critically bashed but it was 100% villainous fun!), Wonder Woman and now Justice League.

Heck, even BvS could have been easily edited down to a solid 1hr 45min movie that would’ve been MUCH better than most other superhero films. With Justice League it looks like DC is continuing its controversial decision to not cater heavily to the pop culture crowd with their films. While they’ve been criticized in the past for being “too dark,” there’s been an “always darkest before the dawn” evolution to the tone of these films and it looks like with Justice League we’ll finally get that hope-filled payoff.

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