Trailer: Espionage Tonight – spies and reality TV together at last!

“When citizens do not trust their government a reality show is created to win back the hearts of the nation.”

Ironically, the new film Espionage Tonight will be released in a time when the people really are losing trust in its government. What starts out as a terrible albeit believable idea in general – the U.S. government creates a reality TV show in which real spies compete in undercover missions – is turned into a comically smart premise for a new dark anti-documentary-style film. The idea is scary to think about, but at least we can laugh through our pain.

Documentaries are getting less and less boring; the more morbid, the better. This one has everything you’d want: action, dry humor, exaggerated gore, and of course the underrated and noble Sean Astin. We’ll get to enjoy this new film October 24.

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