Top 5 Gifs from Lucha Underground – Ultima Lucha Tres, Night Tres

This ep had TWO championship matches and a last lucha standing match to kick it all off. Old enemies became new compatriots and we found out that Vampiro serves his own master – but who will it be!?!?

Taya and Sexy Star battled it out in a Last Lucha Standing Match and even a bloodied and battered Wera Loca got her licks in!


Willie Mack and former rivals Killshot & Dante Fox took on the Trios Champions. The Mack showed that no one can move like him:

Old enemies become new friends in pro-wrestling. Dante Fox & Killshot working together?!?!

Son of Havoc took Pentagon Dark to the limit in their Gift of the Gods Ladder Match

But in the end no one is more brutal than the Dark One – your new Gift of the Gods Champion!