Top 5 gifs from Lucha Underground – Ultima Lucha Tres Night 2!

This week there’s a battle royale for one of Dario’s “Unique Opportunities” followed up by a brutal match between Ivelisse and Catrina. To cap off the night the heated rivalry between Fenix & Marty comes to an end with a hair vs mask match!

The Mack won the battle royale to win a chance at the Trios Title along side Dante Fox & Killshot:


Catrina’s first match in the Temple didn’t end well for her, but she did get a few licks in on Ivelisse!


But it was the Baddest Bitch in the Building that won the match with a brutal DDT!


In the Fenix vs Marty – Hair vs Mask match, Marty Martinez rolled out new levels of depravity.

But it was Fenix (with a lil help from Melissa Santos) who won the match & kept his mask!


special bonus gif – that dude Marty Martinez is a sick, sick bastard.