Review: Lowriders – a layered family drama with a lot of heart.

The cover of Lowriders makes it look like we’re in for a typical gangbanger flick that we’ve seen before. But like our parents have told us growing up: never judge a book by its cover.

Or in this case, the poster.

The movie takes place in East LA and is about a father and his two sons that participate in the Lowrider culture. Let’s rephrase, the culture is almost like a way of life, something to be proud of if you put your heart and soul into a car. Now, a lot of people can roll their eyes at this culture but you can easily substitute it with making a film or even showcasing your art and it has the same effect.

Gabriel Chavarria as Danny.

The movie is also about Danny (Gabriel Chavarria), a tagger/artist who is actually trying to find the balance between his dad and brother. The dad (Damien Bichir) being a closed off individual after his wife passed away. His brother “Ghost” (Theo Rossi) who just got out of prison holds a grudge against his father for not coming to see him in prison and for also shutting down when said wife was dying.

The movie has a lot of layers to it than just what the title implies and actually has a lot of heart. Newcomer Gabriel Chavarria actually shines as the little brother trying to find his stance in life and what he wants to do with his talent. Demian Bichir also shines as the father dealing with his own personal demons as well as trying to run his auto body shop.

Demián Bichir as Miguel

There’s more to this movie than meets the eye, so give it a shot and try to enjoy what it has to offer.

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