Oats Studios presents: Bad President

Synopsis: “In an alternate timeline Arizona State alumni William “Billy” Coltran became president of the USA. He was here to Party.”

The people behind OATS Studios have brought us a lot of cool stuff. RAKKA, Firebase and Zygote were some of the best sci-fi/horror we’ve seen lately – in any medium. They’ve also dabbled in comedy with shorts like God: Serengeti, but this new trailer for Bad President is something else altogether.

TBH, we’re not even sure if this is a real trailer or just a joke trailer that Bloomkamp threw together from the “altered” footage of the President’s cavalcades, but the really wacky thing about this is a clear case of ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ because this fictionalized President’s antics seem quite tame compared to reality. If it ends up being a real short film, hopefully they amp it up a bit like they have with their previous films.

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