News: Sly signs on to direct Creed 2!

When Creed came out, we got a familiar but fresh take on the Rocky franchise. Adding a new director by way of Ryan Coogler and starring Michael B. Jordan as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, the film was a hit critically and commercially and even got Sylvester Stallone an Oscar nomination.

One good turn deserves another is a term this franchise is very familiar and and it looks like we are for sure getting another Creed film. With Coogler busy with Black Panther, Sylvester Stallone, announcing on his Instagram page, has taken over the reins as producer and director. No word yet on whether or not he will be writing but considering that this is his baby to begin with, we’re sure he’ll be taking on the task as well.

The sequel is set to focus on Adonis fighting a certain Russian fighter who was responsible for the death of his father. With this franchise, you never know. Let’s hope Sly keeps the subtlety that made the first Rocky and Creed so great and delivers another winner.

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