Fall Anime Season 2017


As fall approaches, so does the new anime season. A new crop of shows are coming up, and it’s time for once again to take picks and make predictions. As always, I make picks based on what looks different or interesting . So what that said, let’s get going with the list of picks.


58 year old Ichirou is treated as useless and disrespected by those around him. Until he is hit by a blinding light, and finds himself with robotic enhancements in his body. Because of such an odd premise, I’m already looking forward to this weird show about a cyborg old man kicking ass.



Ousama Game The Animation
An anime where high schoolers get a text message that instructs them to complete tasks or face grave consequences. A show likely to have lots of mystery and intrigue, and filled with lots of violence. A potential for good watching if done right.




Dies Irae
After spending time in a hospital , Ren Fuji sees images of guillotines, murderers, and dark things. Which is connected to a nazi magic ritual done during the fall of Germany to the soviets. A dark anime that might be interesting to see how it unfolds.



Thee high school girls unite to fight off aliens trying to the steal culture of Harajuku. This anime has a distinct look due to the character designs and those of the aliens. A long with the bright pastel colors, this looks to stand out this season.




Garo Vanishing Line
A prosperous city is under target by a plot to bring it down, and a man named Sword tries to expose and stop it. The designs and animation in this alone are enough to warrant a peak ( just look at it). Let’s hope the plot follows suit.




Net Juu No Susume
A 30 year old single NEET balances her ideal online game personality, and her regular offline life. Looks to be fun seeing what looks like a mix of two settings going back and forth.




Himouto! Umaru chan R
It’s back! The show with dual personalities and cola. Enough said.



So those are my picks for the fall of 2017. As usual, A three episode viewing is what I do until I determine if it’s good enough to watch. Good luck, and happy viewings.



About the author: Glitch is a digital demon from planet Fanboy, and is here to teach us humans a thing or two. You can find more of his reviews(and nonsense) over at http://www.youtube.com/takenoutofcontext