trailer: Most Beautiful Island looks bone-chilling dark

Synopsis: “Most Beautiful Island is a chilling portrait of an undocumented young woman’s struggle for survival as she finds redemption from a tortured past in a dangerous game.”

Happy Friday – hope you enjoyed that very depressing trailer just now. Most Beautiful Island is written, directed and starring Ana Asensio. It’s also based on true events (PLEASE let it only be loosely based, because – DAMN). Some movies are dark in a fantastical/bizarre way, but this looks to much more grounded and realistic than we’d all like to admit. The amount of literal horror stories out there about how undocumented citizens are taken advantage of should leave you shaken. Based on the trailer, Most Beautiful Island will likely do the same.

Asensio’s directorial made a huge impact at SXSW (a Grand Jury Award Winner) and gets a larger theatrical release November 2nd – so it’ll def be on our radar in the coming months.

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