Top 5 gifs from Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha – Night 1

Look – Texano had a good match with Wagner, but this night was all about Dante Fox vs Kill Fox in a Hell of War Match that was the most brutal thing ever on a televised wrestling program!

Dante Fox absolutely brutalized Kill Shot in Match #1 – First Blood:


It was a backdrop through a PLATE of GLASS that drew first blood for Dante Fox:


In Match #2 – no DQ – Kill Shot made a strong comeback. You can see the glass shards flying all around them still!


Match 3 – A Stretcher Match – and the stretcher was NOBODY’s friend:

A bottle to the head was the beginning of the end for Dante Fox:


Kill Shot won the war, but man did Dante Fox put up a fight – here’s a special bonus gif of Dante doing the world’s most bad ass leg drop from the stands: