top 5 gifs from Lucha Underground: CIEN

It is the 100th episode of Lucha Underground. Three years, 99 episode and two previous Ultima Luchas have led us to this moment! Team World Wide Underground vs Team Puma! Dragon Azteca vs Pentagon Dark for an ancient Aztec Medallion and Rey Mysterio vs the Monster Matanza!

 Marty Martinez finally pushed Melissa Santos too far & got a few slaps and  kick to the face!


Look – Pentagon Dark is a cool-af. Everyone knows this, but the way he does the classic Robert Rodriguez style “cool guys don’t look back” moment is even cooler than cool.

 Dragon Azteca is walking highlight reel. This twisting moonsault was so rad.


Even after his match with Pentagon, Azteca got thrown around rag-doll style by Matanza as a message to Rey Mysterio.


Rey Mysterio tried his best to overcome the monster, but fell short this week as strength beat out speed with Matanza getting the win – with a lil help from his brother, of course.