Top 5 Gifs from Lucha Underground: Career Opportunities

The march towards the 100th Episode of Lucha Underground is on! Drago vs the Mack! Joey Ryan vs Cortez Castro in a 5-0 streetfight! Mantanza vs the entire Rabbit Tribe!

Bonus GIF – If Kobra Moon is making an entrance, I’m making a gif out of it because she is always sexy/scary/awesome:


The Mack kicks the taste out of Drago’s mouth and then drops him on his horns!


In the 5-0 Street Fight, Joey Ryan found a way to use every part of the environment to his advantage, even the 5-0!

TBH, I figured Joey Ryan would be immune to pepper spray at this point.


All these damages are definitely coming out Ryan’s paycheck


The Monster Matanza made quick work of the Rabbit Tribe:

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