Top 5 gifs from Lucha Undergound: Rise of the Ring Announcer

Melissa Santos makes her in-ring debut this week along side Fenix in a tag match against Marty & Mariposa. Dante Fox faces off against Texano and the Gift of the God match unleashes chaos on the Temple!

That dude Dante Fox – no one can string together moves like him in Lucha Undeground.


Fox even stops to give a quick shout-out to Killshot:


Melissa Santos had her first match in the Temple and while it didn’t go the way she probably would have liked, she was able to get a few good licks in:


Finally we had the Gift of the Gods battle! The Rabbit Tribe came strong with the numbers and the unconventional moves – like this no-look dive by Paul London:


In the end it was a tie as Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark both got the pin at the same time – but there are no ties in the Temple, so Dario set a ladder match to decide the TRUE GotG champion for next time: