The trailer for The Disaster Artist is tearing us apart, Lisa!

The Disaster Artist trailer is here and it is fucking great!

Based on the book of the same name by Greg Sestero, who was also in the movie, the trailer goes into the making of The Room, one of those “so bad it’s good” type of movies.

The movie stars James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, the actor/writer/director of The Room and also co stars Dave Franco and Seth Rogen. It’s always funny to see these guys work together and making a movie about one of the worst movies of all time feels like a good fit for them. James Franco, who can be a bit hit or miss, definitely seems like he is capturing the attitude and weirdness of Wiseau and it looks like he’s got a winner on his hands (Franco also directed).

The movie is set for release on December 8th so try to catch The Room before this one hits the streets.

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